• Darlyne McGee, Owner and Artistic Director Darlyne McGee - Owner and Artistic Director

    Darlyne is the Owner and Artistic Director at our salon.

  • Savannah Wiedman, Artistic DirectorSavannah Wiedman - Artistic Director

    Savannah is an Artistic Director at our salon.

  • Amanda Berry, Artistic DirectorAmanda Berry - Artistic Director

    Amanda is an Artistic Director at our salon.

  • Lisa Hamor, Artistic DirectorLisa Hamor - Artistic Director

    Lisa is an Artistic Designer at our salon.

  • Sandy Vicknair, Artistic DirectorSandy Vicknair - Artistic Director

    From as far back as she can remember working in the beauty industry was something Sandy always... (read more)

  • Sandy Smith, Artistic DirectorSandy Smith - Artistic Director

    Sandy has always had a passion for hair and makeup. She grew up in a small town in ... (read more)

  • Diane Tufano, Artistic DirectorDiane Tufano - Artistic Director

    Diane is an Artistic Director at our salon.

  • Todd  Case, Artistic DirectorTodd Case - Artistic Director

    Todd Case had no idea that one day spent with a friend at a salon would change his life.... (read more)

  • Deborah  Lamb, Artistic DirectorDeborah Lamb - Artistic Director

    Debbie went to school at Miami Lake Tech for cosmetology and Miami Dade for her Associate’s... (read more)

  • Chris Campbell, Artistic DesignerChris Campbell - Artistic Designer

    Chris is a Stylist at our salon.

  • Bonnie Blandin , Artistic DesignerBonnie Blandin - Artistic Designer

    Originally from Venice, California, Bonnie has always enjoyed doing hair. She followed her passion... (read more)

  • Kamar Marlin, Artistic DirectorKamar Marlin - Artistic Director

    Kamar is an Artistic Director at our salon. She has over 17 years experience and is fluent in... (read more)

  • Caitlyn Vaught, Master DesignerCaitlyn Vaught - Master Designer

    Caitlyn is a Master Designer at our salon.

  • Lorrie Burrill, Salon CoordinatorLorrie Burrill - Salon Coordinator

    Lorrie is our Salon Coordinator.

  • Daphanie  McLoney, Salon CoordinatorDaphanie McLoney - Salon Coordinator

    Daphanie "Shelly" is a Salon Coordinator at our salon.

  • Allie Place, Salon CoordinatorAllie Place - Salon Coordinator

    Allie is a Salon Coordinator at our salon.

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